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Airbus Industry is a multinational aircraft manufacturer, primarily producing commercial and military aircraft. Through the huge variety of Airbus aircraft in Infinite Flight, we are able to offer a vast number of routes, including delivering aircraft to customers, test flights and Airbus World Tours. From A318 to A380, we have the widest range of fleet available for pilots, depending on their rankings in Airbus.

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We have three main forms of operations, which are as below :

Flight Delivery

You can send Airbus aircraft to our customers from several manufacturing locations.

Test Flights

Be one of the first pilots to maneuver the aircraft and make sure they are safe and ready for your customers.

Airbus World Tours

With the increased number of Airbus House liveries, you may fly into different parts of the world to demonstrate and showcase our state-of-the-art aircraft.



Seeing that Airbus has set several manufacturing sites around the world, there will be multiple bases available for pilots to choose from. The link below shows the list of our bases.



To make sure pilots experience different types of aircraft and optimise different operations, we are implementing pilot rankings.



Meet the AIBVA staff team, who are fully focused to deliver a top-notch experience to you.


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