Toulouse Blagnac


Toulouse is situated at Southern France. As the capital of Occitanie, it is where Airbus settled down. The city's airport, Toulouse Blagnac is where all new Airbus prototypes take flight for their very first time, as well as having the largest Airbus production line, ranging from A320 family to A380.

Tianjin Binhai


Located right next to Beijing, the heart of China, Tianjin Airport has the capability to handle domestic and international traffic, as well as test and delivery flights for Asian customers. Airbus Tianjin manufactures Airbus A320 family, with the A350 production line to open soon.

Mobile Downtown


Mobile Downtown facilitates the final assembly of the Airbus A320 family, as well as the A220 series. It is the newest addition to Airbus' base, which mainly benefits clients located in the Americas with its strategic location.

Hamburg Finkenwerder


Hamburg Finkenwerder is an airport specifically for Airbus, mainly undergoing assembly, paint job and cabin fitting. This airport is suitable for all Airbus aircraft, including the A380 that receives their cabin installation and fuselage paint here.

Madrid Getafe


Getafe Airport is a military aerodrome at Madrid. Airbus has a base here to transport Spanish-made aircraft parts to Toulouse. In Airbus Virtual, we will be utilising the Beluga XL (A330 acting) towards other bases for multiple functions.



Mirabel houses the A220 base, making Airbus a larger presence in Canadian soil. This is the main production line for the A220, which is currently owned by both Airbus Canada and the Government of Québec.

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